Kinder - 2nd Digital Ninja

There are student activity pages and a few videos for the teacher to go through as a class or you may want to have students do some of them individually. This is your choice. (You will notice that the links take you to the site and that not all lessons in a Unit are on here. However, you are welcome to do all the lessons in a Unit. The quiz however on this site will only refer to the links on this page.)

When you are finished with the activity pages you choose to use, take the Belt Quiz. When your class has successfully passed the quiz, click on the certification link to receive your class certificate. Now go become Digital Ninjas!

White Belt Training Materials

White Belt

Going Places Safely

Keep It Private

Take the White Belt Quiz

Certificate of White Belt Completion

Green Belt Training Materials

Green Belt

Staying Safe Online

Follow The Digital Trail

Screen Out The Mean

Take the Green Belt Quiz

Certificate of Green Belt Completion

Black Belt Training Materials

Black Belt

Powerful Resources

My Online Community

Things For Sale

Show Respect Online

Take the Black Belt Quiz

Certificate of Black Belt Completion

Master Ninja Training Materials

Master Ninja

Acceptable Use Policy

iPad Use and Care Agreement

Take the Master Belt Quiz

Certificate of Master Belt Completion

*Resources gathered from Common Sense Media Inc

Additional Ninja Training Materials

The 3 Tech Ninjas